Rapid PC Repair Ltd.

With over 20 years of highly regarded experience, it is with pride and honour that we say to you that Rapid PC Repair is Southport's Top 1 computer servicing shop. 

Our SEO rank, web reviews and client testimonials say a lot about how we take care of the business and we value our clients' time and money. We stand by our principles of integrity and commitment. We are not just a business, we are a family. This is the main driver to our clients' continuous patronage and positive word-of-mouth. We are truly grateful for each individual that comes by our shop every single day and says that he's been referred by a friend. It is heartwarming and just inspires us more to deliver better results. Above all, Rapid PC Repair is committed to fair pricing. Having computer problems is already frustrating and we will not worsen it by charging unreasonably. We are here for you and together, we will work it out. 

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