Rapid PC Repair Ltd. has been in the business of servicing computers for 20 years now. We have proper diagnostics equipment and techniques that we have developed over the decades of solid experience. This doesn't just help us identify the issue with a repair but also makes the entire process much faster, hence the name 'RAPID'.

There are many things that can cause a computer to be slow, but the most common issue is that the manufacturer of the computer didn't build the computer with the optimum parts. These computers can 99% of the time be upgraded and made a lot faster than people realise. Every customer that we have performed upgrades for has been shocked at how fast their computer could actually run.

We have built many custom design PCs for many different purposes since we were first on the scene in 2000. We are proud to say that Rapid PC Repair has designed and built rack-mount computers for DJ's, set-up computers for boardroom meetings of large companies, computer networking for telecommunications companies, and serviced many more prestige organisations within Southport, Liverpool, and Preston. 

We guarantee a no fix- no fee policy!

We only want the best for our clients. Our goal is to provide repair services that is well worth your money hence the only time we charge you is when we have fixed your issue 100%. Rapid PC Repair is known for its outstanding services that comes at affordable rates; and that makes us the number 1 computer repair shop in Southport!

We cater to all laptop brands that run on Windows OS. Our engineer possesses advanced expertise in rectifying simple to complex Windows PC issues both software and hardware. Not only that, you can bring in your android devices and we will be more than happy to fix them.

We all know how complicated Apple devices can get, but no worry no more because Rapid PC Repair is here for you. With our engineer's reputable experience and proper training, trust that your MacBook, iPhone or iPad will be rectified in no time. Our company lives by integrity - just because your device is an Apple product, doesn't mean we will overcharge you. We always stick to what is fair for us and for our clients.


Rapid PC Repair Ltd.  has presence in many platforms. If you want to purchase fast computers, you can drop by our shop anytime but if you are someone with a busy schedule, then it's about time that you visit our eBay store. Click here to browse on our exciting and affordable listings.

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